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We have 2x lanes, Maximum of 8 per lane training on a set programme for each lane based on speed, endurance and ability... Ex-Nationals swimmer Paul is your coach, ensuring fitness, cross stroke training development and speed are priority, based on your development requirements.


Adult Beginners

Jump In

If you know an adult who may benefit from Learning to swim, Please let them know about these sessions... We offer adult's beginners 10 week courses for £160.00... Maybe they'd like you to purchase this as a gift for them? Please give Michelle, Our office booking hero a call to discuss availability.


Get Active

If your desire is to compete in the Masters National Swimming leagues, then we can incorporate you into our swim-fit sessions, building elite performance, stamina and speed towards your personal goals.


Improve your stroke

If your Swimming is currently letting you down, we can definitely help you to improve your combined Triathlon time by concentrating individually on your free-style technique including breathing, arm action, leg action, posture, bringing quick win's, working on longer term issues and improving endurance, speed and stroke each week.

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